Pepidol Pectin 100% Natural Pharmacy Enterosorbent Intoxication Hangover (powder 5g)

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Natural Plant Multi Purpose Enterosorbent.

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PEPIDOL is an antibacterial enterosorbent.

unitaz Intestinal infections and poisoning
gripp Influenza, SARS, Rotavirus infections
dizbact Dysbiosis
pohmel Hangover
blevota Toxicosis
allergy Food allergy
otpusk Carry with you when traveling
ochishenie Body cleansing and detox
profilaktika Prevention
zapor Constipation
dieta During diet
terapy Enteritis in Oncology Therapy

Its base is pectin, a natural plant compound. It is part of all the green plants of the planet and is a valuable and daily necessary component of human food.

Even 30 years ago, pectin was used exclusively as an effective sorbent. These properties have been known for over 200 years. Many years of research and unique development, even by Soviet scientists, allowed the creation of PEPIDOL. This drug, unlike conventional sorbents and probiotics, has the following unique properties:

  • PEPIDOL has a bactericidal effect on pathogenic bacteria, while the beneficial intestinal microflora is not sensitive to it. This contributes to the development and colonization of their own beneficial microorganisms in the intestine, avoids the need for probiotics (therefore, PEPIDOL is included in the “Treatment Standards for Pediatric Infectious Diseases” in the Russian Federation);
  • Getting into the gastrointestinal tract PEPIDOL forms gels, which, moving along the intestines, capture toxic substances and protect the mucous membranes from irritation;
  • during the assimilation of food, PEPIDOL combines with toxins, salts of heavy metals and radionuclides, as a result, insoluble complexes are formed that, not being absorbed into the mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract, are excreted from the body. Unlike other sorbents, PEPIDOL irreversibly binds toxins and poisons, completely eliminating their absorption through the intestinal mucosa;
  • PEPIDOL helps to restore the intestines (peristalsis), eliminating constipation, and thereby contributing to the rapid elimination of toxins and toxins. At the same time, with diarrhea, PEPIDOL slows down peristalsis, which contributes to the full absorption of all substances necessary for the body;
  • PEPIDOL, binding bile acids, provides a hypocholesterolemic effect;
  • in domestic and world literature there are no data on allergic and other pathological conditions associated with pectin. PEPIDOL is thus a safe drug with no side effects.
  • PEPIDOL works exclusively in the intestines. It is a polymer, therefore it is not absorbed, it is excreted from the body naturally.

ogmaLogoDeveloped by scientists of Omsk State Medical University

The drug has been well studied, has many clinical studies. The production uses exclusively proven, highly purified raw materials WITHOUT preservatives, dyes, parabens and flavors.
The drug PEPIDOL was invented more than 25 years ago at the Omsk Medical Academy by a talented scientist – microbiologist Emil Grigorievich Potievsky. PEPIDOL is included in the “Medical and Diagnostic Standards for Infectious Diseases in Children”, recommended by the Institute of Nutrition RAMS, entered into the State Register on 08/18/09

PEPIDOL is a first aid for poisoning, acute intestinal infections (bacterial and viral), intoxications in adults and children. Once in the body, it not only stops nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, but destroys ONLY harmful microorganisms in the intestine, while contributing to the development of its own beneficial microflora.
It removes toxins and destroys the microbes that produce these toxins. PEPIDOL is one of the very few drugs that QUICKLY helps get rid of dysbiosis.

pepidol peg poroshok
Suggested Use

Pour the powder (5 g) into a clean bowl, gradually pour boiling water (for children – 150 ml of water, for adults – 100 ml), thoroughly grind to a homogeneous, jelly-like consistency. Better use a mixer. Store the finished solution in the refrigerator for no more than 4 days.

Orally (through the mouth):
Adults: 25 ml (2 tablespoons) of a 5% solution for 1 dose, taken 30 minutes before meals.
Children 3 years: 5 ml (1 teaspoon) of a 3% solution for 1 dose, taken 30 minutes before meals.
Children 4-10 years old: 10 ml (2 teaspoon) of a 3% solution for 1 dose, taken 30 minutes before meals.
Children 11-14 years: 15 ml (2 dessert spoon) of 3% solution for 1 dose, taken 30 minutes before meals.
With diseases of the gastrointestinal tract
Intestinal infections
Adults and children in an age-related dose every 3 hours with a break for sleep (in a hospital – around the clock) until complete recovery.
With severe colic syndrome and hemocolitis, oral administration is combined with therapeutic enemas.
Children 3 years: 15 ml 3 times a day.
Children 4-10 years: 30 ml 2 times a day.
Children 11-14 years: 40 ml 2 times a day.
Adults: 50 ml 2 times a day.
Food poisoning (toxicoinfections)
At the first signs (nausea, vomiting, diarrhea), adults and children are taken in an age-related dose every 3 hours until the manifestations of the disease are eliminated and 2 more doses after normalization against oral rehydration (compensation for loss of water and salts).
The condition of dysbiosis is most often the result of taking antibiotics and other drugs, stress conditions, exposure to adverse environmental and other conditions.
Minimum admission period:
Children: 3% Pepidol in an age dose every 3 hours with a sleep break for 4 days. Break 4 days. Repeated intake for 4 days according to the same scheme.
Adults: 5% Pepidol every 4 hours with a sleep break for 4 days. Break 4 days. Repeated intake for 4 days according to the same scheme. In some cases – the detection during bacteriological examination of a hemolytic Escherichia coli or an excess of staphylococci – in consultation with the doctor, it is advisable to conduct an additional 4-day appointment.
Reception of Pepidol as a prophylactic with prolonged antibiotic therapy
Adults and children: at an age dose 3 times a day for the entire period of antibiotic therapy. When taking antibiotics orally, disconnect antibiotics and Pepidol: an interval of at least 1 hour.
In surgical practice, in the postoperative period.
Orally or through a probe (as a means of eliminating intestinal paresis and flatulence with excessive accumulation of microflora in the intestine) – at an age dose 3 times a day until the condition normalizes.
In cancer practice, radiation enteritis
When signs of radiation enteritis (diarrhea, etc.) appear, Pepidol is prescribed 4 times a day for the entire duration of radiation therapy.
Chemotherapy detoxification and prevention of enteropathy
Adults and children: at an age dose 4 times a day for the entire period of chemotherapy.
In the complex treatment of a number of diseases
At an age dose of 4 times a day (disconnect with oral administration of chemotherapy) for 3 weeks. Repeated intake after a 10 day break.
In case of allergic, stressful conditions, eating disorders, dietary errors, alcohol abuse
According to the regimen for dysbiosis.
Preventive method
With the threat of intestinal (including viral etiology) and respiratory (including flu) infections
At an age dose 2 times a week 4 times a day.
Ingredients (1 bag)

stabilized pectin – 5000 mg


Individual intolerance.


Shelf life: 2 years.

Manufacturing date: October 2019 or newer.

Storage:  keep at dry place with temerature under 25 C (77 F).


Produced in Russian Federation (ELUSAN Ltd. – Doctor pectin (TM)).

This is original product. It shipped in original package. One carton box consist 5g powder for breeding in water. Text and insrtuction in Russian.

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