Shopping Assistance Помощь в поиске и выкупе + организация доставки товаров из России за рубеж.

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I offer a range of services to help you shop from Russia and receive products internationally.

Services Offered:

  • Shopping Assistance: I can buy products for you from various sources in Russia.
  • Parcel Forwarding: Get your purchases shipped internationally from Russia.

Why Choose My Services?

  • Access to Russian Products: I help you buy items from Russia, even if the seller doesn’t ship abroad or has specific shipping restrictions.
  • Assisted Purchase: Whether you find products yourself or need my assistance, I can buy and forward your items to your address.

How I Can Assist You:

  • Shopping Support: I can help you purchase items from Russian online stores, bulletin board websites, or from sellers who don’t ship internationally.
  • Parcel Forwarding: Once purchased, I’ll handle packaging and shipping to your desired address.

If you’re interested in buying products from Russia hassle-free, feel free to reach out for my assistance!


Shopping Assistant and Forwarder in Russia

“BUY FOR ME” Service from Russia

Russian Buying Agent

Shopping Concierge in Russia

Buying on Your Behalf in Russia

Goods from Russia by Request

Package Forwarding Service from Russia

Assisted Purchase in Russia

Sourcing manager in Russia


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